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having leaves or leaves as specified


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For example, very few mammals were recorded when natural forest is less than 22 ha in the case of the area of broad- leaved forest around the remnant natural forest within 50 ha (Table I).
Silver leaved plants are usually a good bet for sun and well drained soil.
12 % of broad and narrow leaved weeds, respectively and produced lowest weed dry matter (15.
Director of Nassib border Center Samer al-Amour said the Center received 2,6 million Arab, foreign and Syrian comers in 2010 while 2,9 million travelers leaved Syria passing through the crossing in the same year.
Born to a working-class family in the Midwest, Jackson earned legendary fame at his peak; he leaved behind a widely beloved musical legacy.
galleotti, small-leaved species, had the highest mean number of leaves per terminal branch (30,240 and 16,301, respectively), while the broad leaved trees, H.
Mulberry": earthliness is my book multi / leaved and electric the wires / spark weaker than no sun / sets as it rises the sun / sets as it rises on the lip of / a leaf what my mouth / builds dark I will build darker: // white new moon / of fingernail's edge or bright noon of tooth / where I stand where I came to stand / where I stood and had stood / longer than my life the tree leaned / over the broken
61 Broad- Small- leaved leaved Variable Mogote forest forest Broad-leaved deciduous shrubs Annona muricata 0.
Meanwhile, the iPBS analysis clustered 15 tea genotypes into two main groups; the tea genotypes of small leaved China, Assam-small leaved China hybrid and Shan-large leaved China hybrid type, with small leaf size, came together into one group; the other one was mainly nested by the tea genotypes of Shan, Assam and Shan-small leaved China type, with large leaf size.
Choose from silver-edged, golden-edged, gray-wooly leaved, or the more common green-leaved Mother-of-Thyme.