leave of absence

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Synonyms for leave of absence

the period of time during which you are absent from work or duty

References in classic literature ?
I can send to each of them leave of absence for fifteen days, that is all--to Athos, whose wound still makes him suffer, to go to the waters of Forges; to Porthos and Aramis to accompany their friend, whom they are not willing to abandon in such a painful condition.
The leave of absence Monsieur has asked for," replied the lackey.
They found him holding his leave of absence in one hand, and M.
Can you explain to me what signify this leave of absence and this letter, which I have just received?
Well, this leave of absence and that letter mean that you must follow me, Athos.
Since when, I wonder, in the Musketeers, did they grant men leave of absence without their asking for it?
I will show you the new lodging I have had prepared for you during your leave of absence, and whilst examining the last winter's plantations and two saddle-horses I have just acquired, you will give me all the news of our friends in Paris.
Captain Morstan was then to apply for leave of absence, to meet us at Agra, and there we were to have a final division of the treasure, he taking the major's share as well as his own.
The command of the ship was intrusted to Jonathan Thorn, of New York, a lieutenant in the United States navy, on leave of absence.
The king smiled, and passed into the next apartment, after having said to D'Artagnan, "I give you the leave of absence you must want to put the affairs of your friend, the late M.
Meanwhile, labor minister Ngeema Sangay Tshempo said that since the authorities believe in zero tolerance for corruption, he, in order to support ACC and facilitate smooth investigation decided to take leave of absence until the investigation is over.
The Namfrel secretary general made the remarks amid calls from various sectors for Bautista to take a leave of absence following the allegations from Bautista's estranged wife, Patricia.
Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick has revealed that he plans to take an indefinite leave of absence, following allegations against the company for harassment and discrimination.
The Alabama Community College System board of trustees on granted Chancellor Mark Heinrich's request for a leave of absence.
Extended paid leave of absence includes primary and non-primary childcare leave and military leave for active military service for up to five years.