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work made of leather

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Among his topics are food preservation and cooking tools, sewing and leatherworking tools, electrical and electronics tools, mobility and counter-mobility tools, welding and blacksmithing tools, fire prevention and firefighting tools, archery, medical and sanitation tools and supplies, knives and traditional hand tools, and lifelong learning and skill building.
The Greensborough Banyule Men's Shed was started back in 2004, and has become a popular hub for men to gather to sharpen their skills in leatherworking, welding, wood-tuning, and other activities.
Livingston volunteers at the veteran's center twice a week and teaches therapeutic activities such as ceramics and leatherworking.
Since reintroducing the ancient art of leatherworking to Hexham - home of the famous Hexham Tans - two years ago, Andy, 48, has built up a thriving town centre business.
Carrick 800 transform the grounds of the Burrell into a medieval camp featuring marquees, and demonstrations of archery, combat and leatherworking.