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Synonyms for leatherwood

shrub or small tree of southeastern United States to West Indies and Brazil

deciduous shrub of eastern North America having tough flexible branches and pliable bark and small yellow flowers

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But they dont make enough to comfortably afford insurance on their own, even though Paul Leatherwood works seven days a week.
Leatherwood are radiologists in the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences, Division of Emergency Radiology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN.
Thompson, a onetime real-life federal prosecutor best known to prime-time TV audiences for his role as a district attorney on NBC's hit show "Law & Order," died from a recurrence of lymphoma, said Brent Leatherwood, executive director of the Tennessee Republican Party.
Leatherwood (1975) suggested that dolphins may have learned to acoustically differentiate between boats that are cruising and shrimp boats that are trawling.
Made from the leatherwood tree (a eucalyptus tree), this is the most widely produced honey in Australia.
Producers at "The Real" also worked up a show segment that featured Strength of Nature's Beautiful Textures hair care line, with stylist Felicia Leatherwood demonstrating the benefits of the brand's Texture Manageability System.
Leatherwood and manufactured by Redfield, this optic allowed a sniper to range a man easily by zooming the magnification in or out until he fit between two marks on the reticle.
When Anna (Charlize Theron, right) teaches him how to handle a firearm, he falls for his mentor, wife of bandit Clinch Leatherwood (Liam Neeson), one of the quickest shots in the West.
However, she turns out to be the wife of bandit Clinch Leatherwood.
Unfortunately, she happens to be the wife of bandit Clinch Leatherwood (Liam Neeson), one of the quickest shots in the west.
So a disconsolate Albert returns to the family homestead, and to tending his disobedient flock, until chance brings him face to face with strapping new-girl-in-town Anna (Charlize Theron), who fails to mention she's actually the wife of the most feared bandit for miles around, Clinch Leatherwood (Liam Neeson).
Harbor porpoise sighting and stranding records compiled by Leatherwood et al.
2001; Anderson, 2005), Sri Lanka (Mead, 1986; Alling, 1986; de Silva, 1987; Alling, 1988; Leatherwood and Reeves, 1989; Dayaratne and Joseph, 1993; Ballance, et al.
Quite the most intoxicating film that Traffic director Steven Soderbergh has ever made, Behind the Candelabra is a mixture of extraordinary humour, fluent directing and edge-of-seat performances - including Dan Aykroyd as agent Seymour Heller, Rob Lowe as Dr Jack Startz and Cheyenne Jackson as piano-playing rival Billy Leatherwood.
Boards also need "people who can think out of the box," said Sandra Leatherwood, director for elementary education in the Charleston, S.