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Synonyms for leatherjacket

any of several brightly colored tropical filefishes

any of several New World tropical fishes having tiny embedded scales

tough-skinned larva of certain crane flies

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Clerk of the course Tim Long said: "The leatherjackets ex-planation certainly looks the most plausible cause with the information we are armed with.
If there are still young leatherjackets in the soil beneath your grass you can control them by drenching them with Sybol, or dusting with Gamma BHC Dust.
Fishing in nearby Blackwattle Bay would be less likely during the 19th century because of pollution by viscera from local meatworks which attracted great numbers of sharks and leatherjackets which were reviled by the public (Hoskins 2010:181-83).
In both fields the majority of prey items were identified as insect larvae, usually leatherjackets (larvae of the crane fly Tipula paludosa).
into exploited species and lightly or nonex- ploited species Mid-water Fish species that feed Leatherjacket piscivores primarily on other fishes (Scomberoides sp.
The soil-living grub, known as the leatherjacket (it resembles a long, thin maggot), which gives rise to the daddy long- legs, can do big time damage to grass and cereals by nibbling away at their roots.
Unidentified jack 59 Decapterus macarellus Mackerel scad 60 Elagatis bipinnulata Rainbow runner 61 Oligoplites saurus Leatherjacket 62 Selene vomer Lookdown 63 Seriola dumerili Greater amberjack 64 Seriola rivoliana Almaco jack 65 Trachinotus carolinus Florida pompano 66 Trachinotus falcatus Permit Coryphaenidae, Dolphins 67 Coryphaena equisetis Pompano dolphin 68 Coryphaena hippurus Dolphin Lutjanidae, Snappers 69 Etelis oculatus Queen snapper 70 Lutjanus analis Mutton snapper 71 Lutjanus apodus Schoolmaster 72 Lutjanus buccanella Blackfin snapper 73 Lutjanus campechanus Red snapper 74 Lutjanus cyanopterus Cubera snapper 75 Lutjanus griseus Gray snapper 76 Lutjanus jocu Dog snapper 77 Lutjanus mahogoni Mahogany snapper 78 Lutjanus spp.
The tiny, horseshoe island, built with a military fort in mind, now harbours hundreds of sea creatures including leatherjacket, Morwong, blue devilfish and stingarees.
These grades are similar to the average historic grade of all of the leatherjacket structures in the Ballarat goldfield which has historically produced some 5 million ounces of gold.
Food habits of juvenile marine fishes: evidence of the cleaning habit in the leatherjacket, Oligoplites saurus, and the spottail pinfish, Diplodus holbrooki.
It's no accident that many who report this type of damage live in relatively new housing sites - leatherjacket damage most commonly occurs on land that has recently been brought into cultivation.
Like the Carrum reef, these latter reefs supported good populations of Australian snapper (Sparidae), and also ling (Ophidiidae), boarfish (Pentacerotidae), red mullet (Mullidae), beardie and bearded rock cod (Moridae), leatherjacket (Monacanthidae), long-finned sea pike (Dinolestidae) and garfish Hemirhamphidae), as well as a number of smaller nonangling species.
The cranefly is the adult version of the dreaded leatherjacket
THE daddy longlegs (also known as the cranefly) larva was called a Leatherjacket because of its tough brown skin.
Jim Butchart, technical services specialist for Dow, said: "Our sampling has shown the potential for damage by leatherjacket larvae to crops in the Midlands and West England is higher than any year since 1991.