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Synonyms for leatherjacket

any of several brightly colored tropical filefishes

any of several New World tropical fishes having tiny embedded scales

tough-skinned larva of certain crane flies

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Major pests which can transform a lawn from stunning to shabby in a matter of months include leatherjackets, better known in their adult form as daddy longlegs (or craneflies).
Numerous species of leatherjacket (Monacanthidae), wrasse (Labridae) and cod (Serranidae) occur along the NSW central coast and it was not possible to identify these remains more specifically.
IF I was asked to relay the three most common questions asked by people in relation to `pest' control it would firmly centre, not on slugs and snails as you might imagine, but on cats, leatherjackets and vine weevils.
The tiny, horseshoe island, built with a military fort in mind, now harbours hundreds of sea creatures including leatherjacket, Morwong, blue devilfish and stingarees.
These grades are similar to the average historic grade of all of the leatherjacket structures in the Ballarat goldfield which has historically produced some 5 million ounces of gold.
The man, who had suffered multiple stab wounds, was wearing a red crewneck pullover with a horizontal stripe across it, a black leatherjacket and smart jeans.
Like the Carrum reef, these latter reefs supported good populations of Australian snapper (Sparidae), and also ling (Ophidiidae), boarfish (Pentacerotidae), red mullet (Mullidae), beardie and bearded rock cod (Moridae), leatherjacket (Monacanthidae), long-finned sea pike (Dinolestidae) and garfish Hemirhamphidae), as well as a number of smaller nonangling species.
The leatherjacket, the grub of the daddy long legs, is very common.
THE daddy longlegs (also known as the cranefly) larva was called a Leatherjacket because of its tough brown skin.
Jim Butchart, technical services specialist for Dow, said: "Our sampling has shown the potential for damage by leatherjacket larvae to crops in the Midlands and West England is higher than any year since 1991.
An infestation of leatherjacket insects was found to be causing the problem, but they had damaged only the Flat track, and clerk of the course Tim Long is confident the first jump card of the season will go ahead without incident.
These were western king prawns (Penaeus latisulcatus), blue swimmer crabs (Portunus pelagicus), sand trevally (Pseudocaranx wrighti), red mullet (Upeneichthys porosus), leatherjacket (Thamnaconus degeni), southern sand flathead (Platycephalus bassensis), small-toothed flounder (Pseudorhombusjenynsii), and southern calamari (Sepioteuthis australis).
We've sent off samples for testing, but we're sure that a parasitic infestation is the problem as something has definitely got at the roots, and we've found leatherjacket larvae.
The all-time favourite food of starlings is a juicy leatherjacket.
If leatherjacket infestation is confirmed, racecourse staff will treat the affected area with pesticide, water the ground and, in some cases, replace turf.