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implement consisting of a strip of leather

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Attach a leather strip to the shield, using a hitch knot, and dot some glue to the quill, then wrap the leather strip around it.
To the outer side of the harness leather strips are attached long fringes of smoked buckskin, each measuring between seven and ten inches in length.
A 12-square-metre leather strip with messages in gold lettering, the 'Resalat Hob' or Love Note will be among world's largest love letters.
STEP 11: Make two holes on each mark and thread a piece of thin leather strip through the holes.
The steering wheel features a single Red aniline leather strip at the minimalist but top-of-mind high-noon position.
A customized trapezoidal stitching pattern is detailed on the steering wheel, which is marked by a subtle white leather strip at the high-noon position.
Among the additional features included are reinforced corner guards, signature figure-8 top and side carrying handles, and distinctive embossed leather strip to set this collection apart from the crowd.
It is semi-closed both in the front and back consisting of two wide leather strips crossing each other and secured to the sole.
The interior included two felted gray walls made by SCAD students, and other surfaces featured tiny leather strips affixed in a Navajo pattern and rendered in a classic, American palette.
Adams cut leather strips for the side of the drum and used ratchet straps to tighten and hold the leather.
But a little more inspection will show you how she has artfully blended her skills within her designs: A red crepe dress will feature interlocking leather strips in a pattern or a lace will create subtle layers placed on patterned leather strips, like glass windows on a skyscraper.
While thin leather strips, a spartan and fire-retardant choice, seem to be most popular among this crowd, they are not the only kind seen in public.
Chosen as Best Leather Garment at the fair was the elegant spring coat of Suprema Srl of Italy that featured fine leather strips sewn into stretchable mesh fabric, creating a comfortable, light and very wearable garment.
Based on a narrative of a woman burned alive in the desert who returns as a California condor, Rodarte's spring 2010 collection involved serpentine braiding and weaving of hand-tooled leather strips, macrame and crochet with black yarn and feathers, bandagelike swaths of dyed cheesecloth, and belts fastened with bird-claw clasps.
One example is woven leather made up of smooth leather strips and woven yarn featured on the seat centrepieces of the newly designed adaptive sports seats complete with light-grey piping and on the door panels.