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land or property held under a lease

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The initiative is intended to pinpoint the mines granted to leaseholder which are not performing as per required standards and will also check with proper rules and regulations are being followed.
It is to be hoped that the Welsh Government will bring forward suitable legislation to offer the same, or better, protection for leaseholders in Wales.
Yesterday, a tribunal judge ruled in favour of the property giant - a decision which could impact leaseholders across the country.
Mr Thomas added: "Ground rent costs can escalate quickly, and many developers have sold the freehold onto third parties meaning leaseholders can find it difficult to track down the true owner of their property.
Measures to be considered include whether leaseholder tenants should have a greater say over the appointment of managing agents and how transparency can be increased in the system so that tenants and leaseholders know what they are being charged for and why.
Leaseholders pay fees to the freeholder who retains legal ownership of the ground on which the leaseholder's home is built.
The protection of the law afforded to leaseholders who own a flat is massive, but sadly lacking to leasehold houses sold privately.
Harrow Council arranges buildings insurance on behalf of leaseholders for approximately 1 150 properties that have been sold under Right to Buy legislation.
You can read about some of our case studies here to see how we've improved things for other leaseholders.
But in a confidential letter the nation sent to leaseholders, obtained by Windspeaker, the band said that with a Supreme Court of Canada case allowing a rent increase based on six per cent of the land's value--and setting out rules for calculating leasehold values--the current increase simply brings the land up to the level of adjacent Vancouver's rising prices.
Where contracts are being entered into for longer than 12 months (and which will cost individual leaseholders more than PS100), the leaseholders can suggest alternative suppliers.
But Redcar and Cleveland Council has assured them it is working to resolve the problem which it says is a result of some leaseholders allowing their areas to get overgrown.
WALES & the West Housing held a meeting at Bronrhiw Fach on April 9 to explain to leaseholders and freeholders changes they intended to make to management procedures.
Where the division is vertical, both leaseholders have an equal share in all such liabilities.