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a tenant who holds a lease


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However, as Burns points out, if you're a leaseholder in a block of flats, you need at least 50 per cent of your neighbours to get involved, and you'll then need to set up a management company to oversee the block once the freehold has been acquired.
In a letter to leaseholders from managing company Rendall and Rittner seen by the M.E.N., the total anticipated costs of the works exceeded PS2m.
"This (decision) will have a knock-on effect from one community to another for years to come," said the leaseholder, who asked not to be named.
The plans include measures to close legal loopholes to protect leaseholders who can be left vulnerable to possession orders, as well as changing the rules on Help to Buy equity loans so they can only be used for "new built houses on acceptable terms".
The protection of the law afforded to leaseholders who own a flat is massive, but sadly lacking to leasehold houses sold privately.
All of the above will be managed with a mind to getting leaseholders the best value for their service charge.
WALES & the West Housing held a meeting at Bronrhiw Fach on April 9 to explain to leaseholders and freeholders changes they intended to make to management procedures.
Generally speaking, you should try to avoid them since real difficulties can arise - for example, if you have a landlord or freeholder who cannot be traced, and the other leaseholder doesn't want to do the work required on, say, the roof.
Leaseholders, rights Every day, no less than 40 people register their names with the Erbil branch of the Leaseholder's, Rights Protection Union.
As long as a leaseholder allows troublemakers to visit his or tier apartment, the root problem will not go away.
As a result of the research, ARMA has produced '21 Ways to be a Great Leaseholder' which is downloadable from the publications page at
These terms provide little guidance on the scope of the leaseholder's discretion in determining what access is "reasonable".