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hired for the exclusive temporary use of a group of travelers

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All together, Eulau and Cohen have leased 60,000 s/f in the building where retail asking rents run from $85 to $100 per square foot and office rents run from $40 to $50 per square foot.
Purchasers of leased real estate become lessors; the tax treatment of their lease acquisition costs and Sec.
Members of the Board's Consumer Advisory Council and other consumer group representatives were concerned that consumers, particularly those with lower incomes, were entering into these transactions without the benefit of adequate cost disclosures and perhaps without appreciating how much they would have to pay over time to acquire ownership of the leased goods.
In addition to a leasehold mortgage that a lender requires to secure a loan, most lenders will also require a lien under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) encumbering the company's equipment, trade fixtures, and other removable personal property located on the leased premises.
This is essentially the amount for which the dealer is selling" the leased vehicle.
Over 100,000 square feet of those leases or lease amendments were signed in the fourth quarter of 2006, which maintained the portfolio's percent leased at 88%.
Companies surveyed include those that lease, own or provide lease administration services to properties with a combined total of more than six billion square feet of leased space under more than 300,000 leases.
And leases can protect against inflation because leased equipment usually retains its productive capacity, even as the dollars used to pay the rent lose their purchasing power.
The lessee's participation in both risks and rewards associated with ownership of the leased property.
Most lease transactions provide for the payment by one of the parties of executory costs such as insurance, maintenance and taxes in connection with the leased property.
state winners, 95 percent have leased equipment for the operation of their businesses.
a payroll services provider, leased 30,156 s/f at 30 Knightsbridge Road in Piscataway.
In connection with Kindred's preparation for the rent reset process, Kindred engaged five separate national appraisal firms to conduct appraisals of the fair market rental for each of the leased properties under the Master Lease Agreements.
Catherine's leased 5,185 s/f at West Orange Plaza, which is a 282,861 s/f center.
The leased equipment is essential to service delivery and all equipment currently is in use.