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hired for the exclusive temporary use of a group of travelers

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which is now just five-and-twenty years ago, the most notorious person among my parishioners was a man of the name of Edmunds, who leased a small farm near this spot.
Market Estimates and Projections for Commercial Aircraft Leasing market in terms of Leased Asset Portfolio Value are provided for the following aircraft types: Long Haul & Medium Distance Aircraft, and Regional/Short Haul Aircraft.
Beginning in June 2000, Madison Bentley Associates LLC ("Bentley") leased ground floor space in a building on Madison Avenue and 49th Street from the building's owner, Madison Avenue Leasehold LLC ("Madison").
The leasing industry agrees with the regulators' current thinking that the right to use a leased asset is an asset and the obligation to pay rent should be capitalized, but there should also be a place for not capitalizing certain leases.
Lease Certificate of Delivery - The certificate of delivery is often included with leased items when they are delivered to a foreign customer.
Bancorp leased a computer for five years under a noncancelable lease.
1) If leased real estate is included in the acquisition, the courts have permitted allocation of the purchase price to leases with favorable terms,(2) as well as to goodwill for an existing mobile home park(3) or a shopping center.
At the maturity of the lease, consumers may purchase the vehicle for the stated residual value or return the vehicle to the dealership from which it was leased.
Companies surveyed include those that lease, own or provide lease administration services to properties with a combined total of more than six billion square feet of leased space under more than 300,000 leases.
In addition to a leasehold mortgage that a lender requires to secure a loan, most lenders will also require a lien under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) encumbering the company's equipment, trade fixtures, and other removable personal property located on the leased premises.
In fact, leased vehicles amounted to approximately 2 million units, or 18% of all retail vehicle deliveries in the United States in 1993.
This is essentially the amount for which the dealer is selling" the leased vehicle.
Over 100,000 square feet of those leases or lease amendments were signed in the fourth quarter of 2006, which maintained the portfolio's percent leased at 88%.
And leases can protect against inflation because leased equipment usually retains its productive capacity, even as the dollars used to pay the rent lose their purchasing power.