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a disorder found in children of normal intelligence who have difficulties in learning specific skills

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Psychiatric co morbidity in learning disorder analysis of family variables.
A new study of mice suggests that watching glowing screens late at night can raise the risk of depression and learning disorders.
Some caregivers may not accept that the child has a learning disorder, and they may instead simply define the problem as laziness.
Russ Doty, who plays rhythm guitar and provides vocals for Love Gun, said he was unaware of LaRose's learning disorder.
Learning disorders are simply caused by a difference in the brain that affects how information is received, processed or communicated.
The third category of students mentioned above, especially those having neurological handicaps, experience learning disorders and thereby they become poor school performers.
Emma and James - son of former PM John Major - found Harry, seven, has the learning disorder four years ago.
One hypothesis, which claims that dyscalculia is hereditary, is gaining support in the cognitive sciences (Ansari & Karmiloff-Smith, 2002), because the mathematical learning disorder is unusually common in identical twins and, to a lesser degree, fraternal twins and other siblings (Alarcon, Defries, Gillis Light & Pennington, 1997; Shalev, Manor, Kerem, Ayali, Badichi, Friedlander & Gross-Tsur, 2001).
Any elementary-grade reader with problems learning will readily empathize with Lily's learning disorder.
Dyslexia, a learning disorder that afflicts at least 5 percent of elementary school children, is characterized by difficulties in perceiving sounds within words, spelling and reading problems, and troubles with written and oral expression.
Dyslexia is a language-based learning disorder which affects all kinds of people regardless of intelligence.
Doctors discovered that he has dyslexia, a learning disorder with symptoms that include difficulty reading, spelling, and writing.
Eventually, Zac was found to have a nonverbal learning disorder (NLD).
Daniel Entwistle, the missing seven-year-old who police fear could have fallen into a river, cannot swim and has a learning disorder which can affect his awareness of danger, police said last night.
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