learning disability

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a disorder found in children of normal intelligence who have difficulties in learning specific skills

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The university recently held a widening participation event that encouraged local health and social care businesses, student groups, learning disability user groups and staff to come together to raise awareness of the health, social and education issues for people with a learning disability.
For the learning disability logo to be recognised and used across the UK | For learning disability awareness training to be mandatory for all NHS staff | To see an increase in the uptake of "quality" learning disability annual health checks and for everyone to have a Learning Disability Health Passport (Traffic Light Assessment) | To see learning disability liaison nurses and learning disability champions in every hospital across the UK | Toseethe implementation of a flagging system for learning disabled adults across every health board and the creation of a common system and standard as currently implemented in ABMU | To see an end to the "scandal" of 1,200 preventable deaths of people with a learning disability in hospital every year What has the foundation accomplished so far?
An additional model was fit with an interaction term between LD status and the treatment variable to examine the hypothesis that the CSR treatment might be more effective for students with a learning disability than for those who received no special education services.
It is part of the NHS Learning Disability Employment Programme.
One of the limitations of the current study was that it was generally considered a range of learning disabilities and did not address a specific learning disability.
Learning disability nurses consistently balance enabling choice, health promotion and co-ordination, education and advocacy, with their duty of care.
More than eight in 10 people labelled "unacceptable" a number of real-life experiences where people with a learning disability and their families were discriminated against - including being victims of hate crime or being illegally excluded from school.
This statement is aimed at all learners and not just learners who do not have a learning disability.
ALTHOUGH people with a learning disability are more visible in our towns and villages than 50 years ago, some are afraid to step out of their front door.
Mencap has worked for 60 years to achieve its vision of a world where people with a learning disability are valued members of society and to ensure they have the choice to live their life they way the want.
Dr Iain Glencross' Fitzwilliam Street practice is the first in Kirklees to receive the high-profile Learning Disability Friendly Award.
Children with learning disabilities can have intelligence in the normal range but the specific learning disability may make teachers and parents concerned about their general intelligence.
In these days of the achievement gap, evidence-based practices, and accountability issues, Julie Allan's "Complicating, not explicating: Taking up philosophy in learning disability research" challenges us to think seriously about how well we as a field are meeting our mission of providing for the academic and social needs of students with learning disabilities, including preparing them for life after school.
It is very important to diagnose a learning disability as early as possible so that it does not affect a child's academic achievement.
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