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a dictionary specially written for those learning a foreign language

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The app is a learner's dictionary that focuses exclusively on academic English.
The best-selling Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is used by English learners and their teachers.
Esto puede apreciarse en la modificacion realizada por las autoridades sovieticas de definiciones del Advanced Learner's Dictionary, diccionario para hablantes extranjeros (Bejoint 2010: 205):
Building on the editors' earlier 2006 publication from the project, Hocak-English/English-Hocak Learner's Dictionary, the bidirectional dictionary features some 3,700 lexical entries for Hocak, and is complemented by a new grammar section documenting the phonology and orthography, conjugation, synopsis of grammatical morphemes, and morphonological changes in Hocak word forms and word formation.
The theoretical part consists of an analysis of the entire range of English learner's dictionaries from Grammar of English words from 1938 to Cambridge advanced learner's dictionary from 2003, and a review of the literature on trends in the presentation of verb syntax in pedagogical dictionaries.
Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary considers vermin small animals and insects that can be harmful and difficult to control when they appear in large numbers.
Other options include the Learner's Dictionary, designed for younger learners, which also contains a "Word-of-the-Day" option.
Mahaveer Jain from India has memorised the entire Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.
In the 90s the word even found its way into the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, with the definition: "A young woman who behaves in a confident and noisy way, and who drinks alcohol and enjoys sport or other activities that are traditionally enjoyed by men.
using a learner's dictionary, minimal marking, error logs, and self-editing checklists.
The Welsh Learner's Dictionary Geiriadur y Dysgwyr, Eiry Jones Y Lolfa pounds 6.
The online support provides access to the Oxford Learner's Dictionary, as well as communication tools, planner messages, and discussions.
6 Oxford advanced learner's dictionary defines morale as "the amount of confidence and enthusiasm, etc.