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12) Yet, the learnedness of the bhikkhunis was apparently outstanding enough for the concluding verse of the above-translated discourse to draw attention to this particular quality.
For Whitmarsh, class cannot be separated from learnedness and education and through this lens he reflects on how the novels engage with notions of literary elitism among their readers and both construct and manipulate what it means to be 'pepaideumenos' or 'doctus.
While it is exciting to encounter a wide-ranging intellect, sometimes the novel's learnedness is like a clumsy book report.
But whereas Tennyson's experiment in hendecasyllabic meter justifies itself through satire, Robinson proves in this poem the possibility of adopting an alien rhythm without obvious allusiveness or self-referential learnedness.
Here, it is again utilized to great advantage, elegantly melded with Gray's expansive learnedness in philosophy and cultural and literary theories.
Through a study of the prescriptive texts of the pastoral care movement, Manchester demonstrates that popovichi fashioned themselves according to the values they preached, such as industriousness, "worldly" asceticism, learnedness, and disdain for material acquisition or consumption (20, 212).
there are too few uses for words like humor, pleasure, and charm: courage, dignity, and graciousness; learnedness, fairmindedness, open-handedness; loyalty, respect, and good faith" (Adam 106).
As a man whose learnedness and status predestine him for a position above party politics, he is respected by all the participants.
Learnedness is a potential outcome of learning and relates to both what is learnt and how the learning is held by the learner.
In "The Mollycoddle" the usage of an Oxford pedigree for the protagonist contained the most typical symbolism--the possession of cultured learnedness and gentility, but with a cautionary twist quite representative of middle-class magazine fiction.
He urged them to look to the older model of learnedness, "the single profession of the man of letters," to understand what their role in the public world should be.
The complexity of Kaczynski's sentence structure, including the subjunctive mood, and the learnedness of his vocabulary, such as the words "surrogate," "sublimate," "overspecialization," and "tautology," pointed to someone highly educated.
In many respects, this production could be compared to Holofernes himself: good-humoured, conscious of its own learnedness, but largely inert.
He continues: 'When she [Harriet] declared that she knew things of which he was ignorant, she was making no claim for her superior learnedness or intellectual acuity, but rather for her surpassing insight into matters involving "human feeling and character"' (ibid.
In short, organizational communications can no longer be considered a producer of learnedness and certainty associated with planned outcomes generated from the top; rather, it is a never-ending condition of organizing to share meaning effectively in a world of uncertainty, ambiguity, and hyperturbulence--spawning a kind of spontaneous approach to detecting and unlearning the sensemaking tools that are not working (Weick & Westley, 2001).