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with erudition


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(23) The conversational settings and the bitter attention to the grotesque details of the city in Donne's Satires look both learnedly backward to the classical tradition so admired by these university-educated men as well as keenly outward to the specific realities of the London metropolis in which these men lived.
"It does not matter; there's many a heavenly body in the lot crowding upon us of a night that mankind had never heard of, it being outside the sphere of its activities and of no earthly importance to anybody but to the astronomers who are paid to talk learnedly about its composition, weight, path--the irregularities of its conduct, the aberrations of its lights--a sort of scientific scandal-mongering.
Such variety of matter, such weight of reasons, such examples of antiquity, such authority of doctors both Greeks and Latins, such allegation of laws, not only civil and canon, but also provincial and temporal, such variety of cases so learnedly and so clearly answered, such eloquence, and so evident witness of God's holy will, can never possible pass in vain.
Far preferable, insists Mataelogus, echoing a literature of ungodly types, is, first, a scholarly minister: "as perfect in his Greeke and Latine as in his English...." Godly Eulalus, of course, laments the emphasis on show rather than conversion and suggests that, if Peter and Paul themselves were to return to earth, they would have to "preach learnedly, in Latine, Greeke, and Hebrew, and scholler-like ...
Sebastian: Ay, and a subtle, as he most learnedly delivered.
In his Oration to the Assembly of Saints (possibly of 325), Constantine was able to discourse learnedly about Christianity.
"Not that Hilda could dissertate, or talk learnedly about pictures; she would have been puzzled by the technical terms of her own art" (62).
In the magazine le point with a cover insidiously titled "The Islamic Specter", Bernard Henry Levy learnedly convey his deep concerns and anxiety about the possibility of Muslim fundamentalists taking advantage of the fall of Mubarak.
Wagner learnedly analyzes and describes the everyday language written by Jews in Muslim lands throughout the Middle Ages, as that language has been fortuitously preserved in a great storehouse of Jewish scrap paper (which, by the way, is the subject of a popularizing book coming next spring from Nextbook Press.)
The narrator effectively describes and learnedly reconstructs the ruin, providing the physical features with historical synopses so necessary to the notion of a learned "tour" (Liu 10-11).
They communicate learnedly with each other in a careful, heavily foot-noted style.
We could go on widening the symbol's horizon of elucidation, accepting the relevance of all possible religious interpretations that O'Connor learnedly enumerates, (9) but what exactly Buddy has in mind when he equals the cigar end with a wedding gift, we will never learn.
It should be added that in several other recent contributions on the same topic Arnaudo illustrates learnedly and aptly how emblems (i.e., verbal expressions, pictures, and puzzles) offered gold mine imagery also to dramatists.
Daniel Pipes has demonstrated this point very learnedly in the case of the holy sites of Jerusalem: Through most of the past 1,300 years, Muslims have attached very little value to those sites.
The Hindoo whale referred to, occurs in a separate department of the wall, depicting the incarnation of Vishnu in the form of leviathan, learnedly known as the Matse Avatar.