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someone who bounds or leaps (as in competition)


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The letters, which Leaper had bought on the internet, featured the signature of an AA employee who had left the company and had actually died in 2010, the court heard.
Mr Leaper, a fisherman for about 27 years, recalled said he was having "just a normal day" fishing for monkfish when he made the new discovery.
Leaper believes SAP has an advantage over Salesforce because his system is more integrated, allowing all objects in the CRM database to be seen, while he sees Chatter as a bolt-on solution.
Mr Leaper said: "Given the way in which the best hybrids are currently valued by growers for their all-round vigour and tolerance of less-thanideal growing conditions, these findings suggest hybrid growing is likely to become increasingly popular as a way of minimising commercial growing risks.
Dr Power is a textile researcher who is Director of Teaching and Learning for the School of Art, Design and Architecture and Prof Leaper is a surgeon who is Professor of Clinical Sciences.
RBZ, LLP promoted Thomas Leaper and Stephen Rickert to partners .
He's explosive, he's a good leaper, a good shooter.
Norm Leaper, ABC, IABC Fellow, is president of The Leaper Company, a San Francisco, California-based communication consultancy.
Atop the shorter front overhang, the company's Jaguar medallion, the Leaper, resides.
Hourigan, whose gelding runs in the Leopardstown November Handicap on Sunday, said: "He was a good leaper and that mistake was the only time he put a foot wrong, but these things happen.
Perform Better's Super Vertical Leaper safely develops explosive power, balance, and acceleration, according to the company.
Second, research over the past three decades has shown that boys and girls, beginning in preschool, are quite different from one another in their language-learning abilities, in the skills that underlie language learning, and in the way that language is employed in real-world interactions (Ely & McCabe, 1993; Fenson, Dale, Reznick, Bates, Thai, & Pethick, 1994; Klann-Delius, 1981; Leaper, 1991; Maccoby & Jacklin, 1974; Nelson, 1973; Ramer, 1976; Sheldon, 1997).
Russell Leaper, a British whale biologist who will take part in the body's Science Committee meeting to start Sunday, arrived in the afternoon, and said that people had been very welcoming so far.
Chan Hon was well partnered by Antonijevic, who has a soft springy jump that a gazelle would envy--though this leaper lands in perfect fifth and deep plie each time.