leap year

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in the Gregorian calendar: any year divisible by 4 except centenary years divisible by 400

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Left, Little Leah Louise Jeffery makes her appearance at Warwick Hospital on Leap Year day for parents Stephen Jeffery and Tracey Crampsie.
Blogs and the YouTube are inundated with stories about Leap Year 's similarities to JWM .
Tradition also has it that women propose marriage to men on leap year day, which comes once every four years.
29, 1976, the pilot asked if any passengers aboard were leap year babies.
Leap year day babies will never have a 'golden birthday' - when your age matches the number of the day of the month you were born on.
Listed Falcon II indoor commercial printer models must be delivered by Friday, February 27th, in order to qualify for the Leap Year Promotion.
The third of three siblings born on consecutive Leap Year days in Norway.
In other leap year shenanigans yesterday, a brave bride-to-be won her fiance's hand in marriage by proposing live on radio.
As we mark another leap year, I reckon it's time we renewed our vows and that she should do the necessary and invite me to wed her again.
But Ms Brown said she never expected to have a leap year baby.
Meanwhile at Glan Clwyd hospital staff were rushed off their feet with a run of leap year births.
Employees should talk to their payroll departments to see if their pay will be affected by the leap year.
The government set up a task force Monday night to deal with any glitches stemming from an irregular leap year that occurs once every 400 years.
And on Tuesday, the first leap year ever to fall in a millennium year, Joaquin Collin Johnson fulfilled his mother's prophesy.