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the name of the day that is added during a leap year

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That accomplishes the same thing as the dropping of three leap days every 400 years in the Gregorian calendar.
From 1964 through 1992, Gregorian and Iranian leap days fell only three weeks apart.
The Gregorian and Iranian calendars are mathematically and astronomically identical and they each use a leap day every four years.
But in 1996, the Iranian calendar pushed the leap day ahead a year and everything was out of synch for 13 months until the Iranian leap day was inserted.
Mr Webber, who lives in Berkswell, was born in Bishton near Newport, Wales, on February 29 - leap day - 1920.
IN 46BC Roman Emperor Julius Caesar created a calendar system that added one leap day every four years.
1, 1001 and will have 365,000 days plus 240 leap days and three extra leap days for 1200, 1600 and 2000, for a total of 365, 243 days in the second millennium.