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rough shelter whose roof has only one slope

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DEC first published the basic plans (reproduced here) for building a lean-to in March 1957.
You can help preserve these shelters by volunteering through either of two organizations: Adopt a Lean-to or Lean2Rescue.
Adirondack Mountain Club's Adopt a Lean-to program began in 1985 with eight lean-tos.
Started in 2004 by Paul DeLucia of Baldwinsville, NY, the all-volunteer group works closely with DEC to identify and complete lean-to restoration, primarily in St.
Under this program, individuals or clubs adopt a specific lean-to and visit it during the year to clean the site and perform minor maintenance.
Those that long for the rugged back-country experience may want to try their hand at building a lean-to on their own land.
In the winter after a long day on the trail, a roaring fire and the lean-to are welcome sites for weary eyes.