lean back

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move the upper body backwards and down

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While your sporting instincts will be encouraging you to lean back in order to hit the ball as high as possible (as with kicking a ball), science requires a descending blow into the back of the ball.
When they're adults, they may lean back on the substances,'' he said.
I was supposed to lean back, but the reins didn't stretch far enough, so I had to lean forward and that's why I fell.
Add 450g (1lb) lean pork leg cubes, 4 Chipolata -sausages (squeeze, twist and cut, and make into 8 smaller sausages) and 2 rashers lean back bacon, finely chopped and cook until lightly browned.
Work of such impressive size has a tendency to both draw one in for a closer look and push one back in hopes of a broad overview, and allowing the space opposite to remain empty was helpful in that it provided a surface upon which to lean back and meditate.
If the content expert insists on talking like a consultant no matter how many times I ask him to talk like a real person, I'll lean back and say this:
I started looking at their bodies and noticed that beginners usually lean back.
We put all our eggs in one basket with the sprouts and when it collapsed and (the business relationship) deteriorated, we had no other project to lean back on and we had no revenue," explains Yukich.
While the rider can comfortably lean back against a lumbar support and hold lower handlebars, the rider's feet are far below the height of the saddle, allowing the rider to have a similar pedal stroke to traditional bicycle designs.
Nurses and CNAs often have commented in my hearing about the small size of the bathroom; that the toilet is next to a wall and that two people can't get in to help the resident; that the mirror doesn't allow residents to see themselves; that the bathroom makes no allowance for toiletries; and that residents cannot lean back on the toilet.
Lean back and do the Schaeffer loop--that's what you don't want to do.
A weight-independent mechanism allows the chair to adapt to different users by automatically responding to the weight of users and the degree to which they want to lean back.
Then lean back, with the grease dripping down your chin, smile at the people around you, and appreciate, perhaps for the very first time, what it feels like to have enough.
Lean slightly forward and Segway rolls forward; lean back and Segway rolls back.
Have him lean back against your legs as you press into his shoulders with your palms.