lean back

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move the upper body backwards and down

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In one, people lean back and zoom through a 3-D representation of 100,000 stars derived from actual satellite-telescope data or see dramatic, simulated astronomical events.
Lean slightly forward and Segway rolls forward; lean back and Segway rolls back.
Have him lean back against your legs as you press into his shoulders with your palms.
When you feel T, drop outside knee to ground, turn and lean back into T.
To release, lean back on fingertips and stretch one leg out at a time.
Yet ever since that unnerving episode, the young software dynamos in suburban Seattle must have longed for a sympathetic treatment that would present Microsoft's case--in particular, the case Microsoft would most like to see made is that antitrust watchdogs, the courts, competitors, and some economists should stop fretting, lean back, and just let the markets of the information age work their magic.
8220;We not only want to mimic the original MTV presentation format, but want the viewer to lean back without having to click to the next episode every 5 minutes.
Twist Sitting upright on the floor with knees bent and heels on the floor, lean back slightly keeping back straight.
Poached egg, one rasher of lean back bacon, grilled tomato, reduced fat sausage, slice of wholemeal toast with low-fat spread.
Try not to lean back too much at this stage as you will only place pressure on your lower back (hence most people's misconceptions of the rower giving you a bad back is all based around poor technique).
Try again, this time changing your stance (for example, crouch, lean back, or spread your feet, etc.
I lean back against Dad's legs and look up at the sky.
Hold the resident close to you, lean back and shift your weight.
Lean back on the lounger and four Shiatsu nodes go to work on the lower back with a circular motion and deep-kneading pressure to help release tension.