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Synonyms for leafstalk

the slender stem that supports the blade of a leaf


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damaged stems and leafstalks. The damage ratio and the index of Jaapiella sp.
Simple leaves: liquid that oozes from the cut end of a stem or break in a leafstalk. leaves with one blade that is not divided into leaflets.
I had agreed to meet him at this hour and, as I enter his home, shafts of light cut through the walls of stripped lontar leafstalk. He buckles up his climbing belt, from which an assortment of palm-tapping tools hang in woven lontar-leaf sheaths, along with a basket called a haik, fashioned from the fan of the lontar leaf.
Leaflets, at least some, alternate or irregularly arranged on leafstalk; stipules 2-6 mm long; calyx 3-6 mm long____2.
Students work in groups 25 Science to incise the leafstalk laboratory of plants.
2 : a thin plant part (as a leafstalk) that supports another part <a cherry's stem>
(2) In growing plants, the excrescence at the leafstalk where it joins the axis.
In its simplest form, as shown in Figure 9-20, a leaf generally consists of three main parts--the blade, or leaf; the petiole, or leafstalk; and the stipules, which are two appendages at the base of the petiole.
An aspen's leafstalk is flat, with flat leaves attached at a perpendicular angle, allowing a fanning action.