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Synonyms for leaflet

Synonyms for leaflet

a thin triangular flap of a heart valve

part of a compound leaf

a small book usually having a paper cover

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These four points remain the basis for the package leaflet in Europe and are included in the most recent EU Directive 2004/27/EC that was published in 2004.
is part of the Trust's set of topic-related leaflets, which includes titles on falls, burns and scalds, poisons, toys, garden and in-car safety.
On the morning of February 18, 1943, the sibling team embarked on a daring operation to distribute several thousand White Rose leaflets on the University of Munich campus in broad daylight.
Since the 9/11 attacks, the United States--led coalition has dropped millions of leaflets on Afghanistan and Iraq, and they are still doing it.
The leaflet made claims about the savings that customers could make with the Homecall service compared to telephone calls with BT.
Two brothers, both taxi drivers operating in two big towns, distributed the leaflets and asked the residents of those towns to support the campaign.
BRITISH troops will hand out leaflets promising safe treatment to surrendering Iraqis in a bid to minimise the war death toll.
In this way he would be acting as a sort of salesman and not simply dumping a leaflet into someone's hand only to see it thrown in the gutter.
Epidermal imprints of the abaxial surface of the central leaflet were made by applying Duco cement to the washed and dried leaves (Williams, 1973).
In one leaflet on taking LSD two characters say: "We just want to get off our faces.
The action was brought by a Rutgers College professor who took a field trip to the malls with his students and purposefully attempted to hand out leaflets.
The AOP has extended its range of patient resources to 17 leaflets and seven advice videos.
Companies and service providers who are active in the TMUEN are informed about the guidelines in a leaflet and must acknowledge them.
Results: The anterior leaflet partial or total downward displacement was 37.
IN response to John Appleyard's letter published 26/06/17 entitled "in a quandary over election leaflets", unless the leaflet was addressed directly to Mr Appleyard then this was a mistake on behalf of the Royal Mail.