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having or covered with leaves


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Remember that great socialist Baron Prescott playing croquet on the manicured lawns of his official Dorneywood country retreat in leafiest Buckinghamshire?
SET well back from the road, in the leafiest part of Moseley and with a coppice-fringed stream at the end of its large rear garden, this detached three-bedroom family home has an enviable location.
They (the allegations) are bullshit and concoctions," Khan said in the interview from his villa in one of Islamabad's leafiest residential areas, where he remains under house arrest.
CREATE THE LOOK: To create an exotic-looking plant that resembles a papaya, prune off the lower branches in spring and retain one stem with foliage on top, and for the leafiest results give it rich soil and moisture.
North Eugene was the leafiest of the city's six pickup areas, contributing 5,089 cubic yards of the total.
Yes, this eye-catching dining room (an interior courtyard that definitely gives the impression of eating outdoors) just might be the leafiest part of the leafy west end.
But if educators at this K-4 facility get it right, Lincoln may soon look like something out of the leafiest of suburbs.
And afterwards on the side of the same little island, there were orchards with the most beautiful and leafiest foliage that could ever be seen, like in Castile in the months of April and May, and a great deal of water.
Impoverished sculptors and DIY architectural wizards from all quarters -- the sort of people who inspired Pure Genius -- would flock to the place, and it would soon become the leafiest and hippest place on the edge of town.
TREES along one of Leamington's leafiest avenues, which were left unstable after the winter storms, have been chopped down.
The more consciously pastoral image--the mingling brooks of Alpheus and Arethusa--makes a literary turn on "nature" and "innocence," and introduces the less "innocent" need for "the leafiest hiding-places" in which to conceal the "mingling" from feuding parents.
Deprivation and poverty contribute to mental illness; problems with anxiety, perfectionism or low self-esteem (to name just three) can happen in the highest-achieving school in the leafiest suburb.
Dublin Zoo animals live in a vast 28-hectare space in the Phoenix Park, one of the leafiest and largest green areas in Europe.
Add to that the location in one of Eaglescliffe's leafiest roads and the mix of ingredients proved perfect.