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having or covered with leaves


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But, do little more than cross a set of traffic lights to the leafier Pontcanna district, and the price drops to pounds 587.
After my comfortable, closeted, middle-class upbringing in one of the leafier suburbs of the town I grew up in, I went to work for one of the largest evening newspapers in South Wales.
The quieter, leafier Cradlewell quarter, just off Jesmond Road and bordering tranquil Jesmond Dene, provides a more relaxed, cosmopolitan suburb.
Domesticity has not dulled his passion for her and he talks excitedly of moving from their Covent Garden flat to a leafier part of London.
Teach in a deprived school where your skills are so badly needed or seek work in the leafier suburbs?
Election co-ordinator Hazel Blears fatally decided to commit most of the party's stretched resources on the London Mayoral contest than on shoring up traditional Labour heartlands in the north and in marginal areas, including the leafier parts ofMerseyside, where both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives were vulnerable.
The results are enlightening, putting the more deprived areas of Wales at the top and the leafier suburbs at the bottom.
For too long schools in the most deprived areas of Cardiff have suffered at the expense of the leafier suburbs.
Colin Hilton, executive director of children's services, said: "Liverpool has a large number of secondary schools and some are located in the most deprived wards in the country, so it is impossible to compare them with those in leafier areas of the country.
The city is full of contrasts, from the buzz of the business city to the tranquillity of its leafier parks, from the buildings that evoke memories of St Petersburg and some of the grand European cities to the rather stark and drab 60s style concrete shopping centres and office blocks.
The trees are bigger and leafier, the gardens lush and green and a Mactaggart and Mickel detached in the Broom estate is a snip for a quarter of a million.
HEN your working life is spent looking after other people's housesthen home has to be somewhere special And that is exactly what Property Link boss Don Holmes was after when he discovered the hidden gem of Magnolia Lodge in one of Wirral's leafier suburbs.
While the Great Western network is not as badly affected as other, leafier, parts of the country, it is important we do as much as possible to minimise the effects for customers.
The school is situated in one of the leafier, more rural areas of the Vale of Glamorgan, just on the outskirts of Bridgend and the tranquility of village life is often upset by cars tearing through the small country roads.
For someone who confesses to an almost textbook childhood in one of the leafier suburbs of Birmingham, writer Pete Lawson's take on family, as served up in this week's new television comedy series Being April, is something of a departure.