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bee that cuts rounded pieces from leaves and flowers to line its nest

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Jordi Chias Pujol's One Earth Award winner Turtle in Trouble; Fergus Gill's image of a fieldfare, The Frozen Moment, which made him Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year; Pascal Kobeh's All Other Animals winner, March of the crabs; Bridgena Barnard's Mammals winner, The Moment A Marvel of Ants captures the behaviour of leaf-cutter ants in the Costa Rican rainforest PICTURE: Bence M[sz]t/The Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010
At least eight species of leaf-cutter ants typically live with bacteria that capture nitrogen from the air and turn it into a form that the ants can use, report Adrian Pinto-Tomas of the University of Costa Rica in San Jose and his colleagues in the Nov.
Rich with specimens as diverse as a school of sharks and a live colony of leaf-cutter ants, the new gallery features multimedia elements for interactively exploring the complex relationship between species, habitats, and the environmental issues that threaten their survival.
but more scientific -- where's the garden tiger moth, the pink-toed tarantula or the leaf-cutter ants?
Along the way our guide began to introduce us to the plants and animals that we would soon become familiar with: palms, ferns, and buttress-rooted canopy giants; epiphytic aroids, orchids, and bromeliads; butterflies, spiders, and the ubiquitous leaf-cutter ants.
If you find deep circular holes along leaf margins, these are from leaf-cutter bees.
One, a leaf-cutter bee in the genus Osmia, is in the same family (Megachilidae) as the Anthidium bee and has similar traits.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- A pair of Madagascar chameleons, costa rican Leaf-cutter ants, giant rain forest toads -- these are the denizens of the summer's most unusual new attraction, Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse at Cleveland Botanical Garden.
If you could look into a nest of leaf-cutter ants, here's what you might see.
ADRIENNE SAYS: The parcels are home to the grubs of the leaf-cutter bee.
Head for the Hidden Jungle exhibit, where plants and butterflies share space with exotic birds and insects such as leaf-cutter ants and giant walkingsticks.
The leaf-cutter species can take the leaves off an entire tree, and carpenter ants cause damage to wooden houses.
These had once been leaf-cutter ants, content to slice up fodder for their own tribe.
At the ground level you'll see leaf-cutter ants doing their impression of a sailboat regatta as they carry bits of leaves for storage, an ugly four-foot iguana flipping its head menacingly when someone invades its comfort zone, or perhaps a variety of lizards scurrying about.