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especially a leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petiole


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The sheaths are folded or rolled around each other and support the leaf blades, holding them above the ground so that they can intercept sunlight.
The tip of the leaf blade, which can be pointed, rounded, or a variety of other shapes.
marginata nymphs and adults by counting the number of hoppers on each of the leaf blades and on the stem.
The next step would be a Phyllocolpa-like leaf folder, and after that Pontania-like leaf blade gallers would evolve.
Subsamples with forage from the cuts were made, and later submitted to the separation of structural components and determined the percentage of leaf blades and stems.
Secondary data on seed fill duration (SFD), vegetative: reproductive periods ratio (V: RP R), per cent peduncle extrusion (PPE), plant height: peduncle length ratio (PH:PL R), plant height: spike length ratio (PH:SL R), peduncle length: spike length ratio, (PL: SL R), peduncle length as % of stem length (PL%SL), flag leaf area (FLA), leaf blade length: sheat length ratio, leaf length: width ratio, leaf length: peducle extrusion ratio, total tillers m-2, per cent productive tillers, chaff weight (CW), grains: chaff ratio, grains m-2 (GPSqM), spike filling rate (mg/spike/day) (SFR),
The considerable amount of gases atthe mesophyll, in the case of the resistant biotype, can provide higher pressure onthe leaf blade, obstructing the water and glyphosate flow from one cell to another.
2008) describe morphologically the Bignoniaceae structures as flattened dishes that may be shifted upward or downward in relation to the level of leaf blade and peltate glandular trichomes.
Adults of both species leave characteristic feeding scars on the leaf blade surface and lay eggs in leaf petioles, where larvae burrow through leaf tissue, feeding on and damaging both apical and axillary (lateral) meristems (Stark & Goyer 1983; Center et al.
campestris) on the basis of mesophyll tissue, parenchyma cells, stomata location, venation patterns, vascular bundles, and leaf blade edges.
Wilbur Jeppesen Indument of glabrous glabrous glabrous lower surface of leaf blade Length of 0.