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rein to direct the horse's head left or right

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She was judging in the show's riding section where Mr Thompson was helping a client's daughter in the leading rein class.
The Colne M&M Leading Rein Winter Championship: 470 Aston Gruffydd G28004 (K Farnaby); 471 Waitwith Will James G28005 (K Farnaby); 480 Ewcole Rebel (Andrew Miller).
Plucky Lesley Hillard of Nantycaws with her sevenyear-old granddaughter, Amy, headed the leading rein entries and won the ridden championship with their erstwhile novice pony, Gryngallt Picture Frame.
12 noon Welsh ponies leading rein & first ridden.
bar] Leading rein winner six-year-old Shannay Landon competing for the supreme championship at Cardigan Show with aunt, Tracey, on the halter
Leading Rein and First Ridden C: Courtway Promise,EA Crew,Bridgwater.
She can already do a nice riding trot and has tried a little bit of cantering on a leading rein.
Leading Rein and First Ridden: Mr D L Thomas, Llanddarog, Danibeck Thumbelina
His father dismounted and lifted him off Ffan and onto Jack's back, pulled Ffan's leading rein over her head and wound it tightly around his left hand.
In the ridden section, Aled True, the son of Nick and Annwyl True rode a black mare, Toprock Valva, and took first place in the Leading Rein Section as well as overall champion in the ridden section.
There are more than 10 jump- ing classes from leading rein to novice and advanced to open.
There were successes also for Katey Parry, 14, on her eight-year-old grey Children's Riding Pony Leucarum Editor, Sophie Spitteri with her six-year-old tri-colour Domino, the leading rein winner six-year-old Jay Snow on nine-year-old grey Tywysog, and Efa Jones who claimed the condition and turn-out prize for her six-year-old dark bay Sidan.
We cater for all levels from children on the leading rein, to riders interested in dressage, showjumping and cross country and we also have a group for the older rider and for parents keen to have a go on their childrens' ponies.
Despite his 11-stroke leading cushion, Els will be conscious of lettings lip his hands on the leading reins as he did in Phuket six years ago when Tiger Woods came from eight behind at the halfway mark to eventually defeat Els in a play-off.
She held on to the leading reins alongside the filly's groom, Pam Winterburn, and fed her some grass.