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Synonyms for leadenness

a deficiency in mental and physical alertness and activity

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There are many roads to failure as well, as one can hear with the disconcerting tentativeness of Kiri te Kanawa or the ghastly leadenness of Gwyneth Jones.
Before examining the particulars of the Cook's leadenness, though, we must first demonstrate that Chaucer had sufficient knowledge of alchemy to employ such a technical device.
He retains the leadenness of Night's sceptre, but redefines it (processing the passage through Gray's adaptation in his 'Hymn to Ignorance', perhaps) as leadenness of spirit.
They are organized within ten parts, under such headings as "The Assault on the Past," "The Enthusiasm for Change," "The Search for Order," "The New Professional," "The Pragmatist in Changing Times." Each of these parts has a sub-heading, such as "Two Dissenters," "A Student," "A Prince," "An Artist," "A Believer and a Dissenter." There is something a bit leaden about these guides, a leadenness that, alas, seeps down to the level of the text.
With its love of the "coming out" narrative, that before-and-after tale that has dominated the way we explore our lives, gay theatre has perhaps been most vulnerable to this sort of dramatic leadenness. But Paraiso demonstrates that there is nothing implicitly undramatic about the marginalized self.