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Synonyms for lead-in

Synonyms for lead-in

the introductory section of a story

wire connecting an antenna to a receiver or a transmitter to a transmission line

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This can work if the plates and any hardened internal tooling are built with generous 30[degrees] lead-ins (versus the typical 45[degree]) on every bore.
The warm-up activities are lead-ins to the projects of the class.
Optional stainless steel lead-ins are also available to further assist product flow.
The vocal writing is not as melodically memorable as several of the instrumental lead-ins to arias and concerted numbers.
Whether digging pools, lead-ins or underground utilities, the U17 is the perfect fit for big jobs in small places," said Rohrbacker.
Structure rigidity is enhanced by 6" long-boxed under frame fork pockets with reinforced lead-ins.
After 17-plus years of writing the lead-ins to Montachusett People, I have to say goodbye to this column.
Lead-ins on Superbreak theme park packages include pounds 205 for two adults and two under-11s staying overnight at a three-star Travelodge and two-day pass at Chessington World of Adventures; and pounds 215 for two adults and two children at Blackpool Pleasure Beach start at pounds 205.
The "news & articles" main page uses the center of the page for brief lead-ins to tax articles linked from a variety of newspapers.
The lead-ins to each chapter and the reflection questions are designed to help educators.
If you take some time to read what other mailers are using to entice their prospects, you will get a good perspective of lead-ins that are effective compared to those that lose their way.
Each includes a grid for planning and managing the project, suggestions for student journaling lead-ins, and a list of portfolio pieces.
467, Piano Reduction--HN 766, by Norbert Gertsch/Piano reduction and fingering; cadenzas and lead-ins by Andras Schiff.
Patterson edits and provides introductory comments on each writer along with lead-ins to their stories.