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the time interval between the initiation and the completion of a production process

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We are proud to establish shorter lead times for the V-Class portfolio to help our users reduce unplanned downtime and shutdowns, and give peace of mind when orders become time-sensitive," said Ryan Schuller-Rach, gear product manager.
NSK has a dedicated digital drawing creation system along with a dedicated line for high-mix, low-volume production to achieve shorter lead times for made-to-order ball screws.
distinguish between informational and physical lead times in their value networks;
Song [7] studied a basic continuous-time single-item inventory model where demands form a compound Poisson process and lead times are stochastic.
The company posted its biggest openings yet with initial supplies running out and forcing the company to extend lead time.
Faster cannot be achieved when lead times are long.
Lead times are understood and resources are committed based on these lead times.
According to DeHoff, a former mold buyer, companies can use a variety of approaches to reduce lead times, in past years, he says, it was common to see "absurd" lead times of over 25 weeks between purchase-order placement and delivery.
Shaving lead times is becoming critical to success and survival," says Greg Foss, tooling engineer at Miniature Tool and Die, a molder and moldmaker in Charlton, Mass.
Investigating the degree to which system performance and manufacturing lead times are affected by the balances of common parts is one of the goals of this study.
With the day-definite lead times and fast connections, Eurapid is the preferred solution for our customers from the technology, automotive and life sciences and healthcare sectors," said Amadou Diallo, CEO DHL Freight.
To provide product on a JIT basis (without your customer running out of your product) requires dramatic improvement in your lead times, and all must be improved, including:
Husky trimmed prices and lead times by pegging Pronto hot-half designs to standard D-M-E and National Tool mold-base sizes and by imposing some limits on component placement and mold-interface choices.
In MRP (material requirements planning) parameters such as lot sizes, lead times and safety stocks are stated explicitly.