lead tetraethyl

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a clear oily poisonous liquid added to gasoline to prevent knocking

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On December 9, 1921, a young engineer named Thomas Midgley Jr., working in the laboratory of the General Motors Research Corporation in Dayton, Ohio, reported to his boss, Charles Kettering, that he'd discovered that tetraethyl lead-a little-known compound of metallic lead and one of the alkyl series, also referred to as lead tetraethyl or TEL-worked to reduce "knock" or "pinging" in internal-combustion engines.
Cumming, wrote Pierre du Pont: "Inasmuch as it is understood that when employed in gasoline engines, this substance will add a finely divided and nondiffusible form of lead to exhaust gases, and furthermore, since lead poisoning in human beings is of the cumulative type resulting frequently from the daily intake of minute quantities, it seems pertinent to inquire whether there might not be a decided health hazard associated with the extensive use of lead tetraethyl in engines."
These factors have prompted the advanced countries to replace lead tetraethyl. It is time that we phase this additive out.