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Nenthead is receiving due recognition of its important place in the history of zinc and lead ore extraction," said the society spokesman.
4]) is a naturally occurring lead ore which has a beautiful wine red color.
It was home to the nation's only primary lead smelter, processing raw lead ore into metal to manufacture car batteries, X-ray shields, and other products.
The line is a masterpiece of engineering, opened in 1902 to carry lead ore, timber and passenger traffic.
Exposure to lead ore dust through ingestion or inhalation can result in high BLLs in children.
The anchor once belonged to the Liverpool steamer Agnes Jack which was bound from Cagliari to Llanelli with lead ore in 1883.
The Indonesian company controls a lead ore mine in Indonesia and an Export License for Lead Ore.
The narrow gauge line is a masterpiece of engineering, built to carry lead ore and timber following sharp curves and steep gradients through the Rhiedol Valley.
Production statistics are incomplete but the mine produced at least 3,800 tons of lead ore from 1845 to 1907, yielding some 2,500 tons of lead and 40,000 ounces of silver.
Textile grids, liquefied propane, liquefied butane, sulphur, iron ore, paraxylene, methanol, copper and lead ore are among the main Iranian non-oil exports to China.
Huntley (preservation archaeologist, Center for Desert Archaeology, Arizona) writes six chapters, including an overview of the Pueblo IV Zuni region; production and distribution of ancestral Zuni glaze-decorated pottery; tracking ceramic production and exchange using INAA; glaze recipes, use of color, and patterns of regional interaction; lead ore use and long-distance interaction; and a multiscalar perspective on production, exchange, and Pueblo IV Zuni regional organization.
As early as the 1500s, speculators and miners found lead ore and alluvial gold in the area, which became known as "God's Treasure House in Scotland".
If valuable lead ore is found as a result of Doe Run's exploratory drilling, it will be virtually impossible for the federal government to thwart full-scale mining operations.