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glass containing lead oxide

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The typical reaction of lead glass to the short-wave UV generated by the DFI instrument is a dull and very chalky blue to 'olive' green luminescence that is much fainter than observed for this sample.
The striking piece of artwork consists of 1,300 droplets of clear, smoked grey and amethyst lead glass individually blown by master craftsman Bruno Zanetti.
The Venetian chandelier was one of four lead glass chandeliers specially created for Manchester Airport in the 1960s and familiar to generations of north west holidaymakers.
Many of the authors present a study of a particular piece of art such as the "Emerald" of Charlemagne, now known to be lead glass, or a gilt glass bottle thought to come from twelfth-century Iraq.
The ZHU0.2/Z2.5 is installed in a gas tight hot cell with 200 mm lead/500 mm lead glass shielding.
It eliminates the potential fogging problem often associated with lead glass caused by the synthesis process of radiopharmaceuticals.
The injured radiologist was off work for two days after being struck on the head by a lead glass radiation shield.
To make such an X-ray concentrator, the scientists heated lead glass tubing, then drew out needle-like ends.
EDXRF spectroscopy confirmed that the filler was indeed lead glass. For academic interest, the hydrostatic SG for all 28 pieces was found to be in the range of 4.02-4.04.