lead carbonate

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a poisonous white pigment that contains lead

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Natural weathering and oxidation of the vein ores over millennia before mining partially converted primary sulfide minerals into complex secondary mineral assemblages with abundant lead carbonates and lead phosphates (see Supplemental Material, Figure S1D-G, Table S2).
The court further noted that "the risk contribution rule is unconstitutional when applied to companies that actually participated in the relevant marketplace or merely succeeded to the liability of such a company." As such, while liability should not be attached to the latter for sound reason (i.e., it obviously could not have normally anticipated liability for the past actions of a predecessor company), the risk contribution rule cannot pass constitutional muster even for those who participated in the lead carbonate pigment market historically.
* One sample was painted with paint containing lead carbonate (0.5% lead) with no top paint cover
Steven Thomas, now 14, suffers neurological disorders--including attention-deficit disorder and mild retardation--and is at high risk for future medical complications such as kidney and cardiovascular disease after ingesting paint chips and dust containing white lead carbonate pigments.
Lead pipes were used because they are very corrosion resistant due to the lead carbonate film that forms on pipe surfaces.
Encapsulated stabilizers are available in lead carbonate, sulfate and phthalate grades to reduce generation of dust during handling and compounding.
Some of this sludge is bound to be lead carbonate, oxides, acetate or tartrate.
The state's high court concurred with the lower court's dismissing of a defective design claim in strict liability and negligence against manufacturers of white lead carbonate pigment.
More unexpectedly, a thin coating of lead carbonate and small cubes of galena (PbS) were common, Fig.
A line of lead carbonate pigment dispersions, trademarked Iriodin, are also offered.