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Synonyms for lazybones

Synonyms for lazybones

a self-indulgent person who spends time avoiding work or other useful activity

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Perhaps you know someone you'd like to nominate as the biggest lazybones you know.
The first of the three print public service announcements, You've Got 206 Reasons Not to be a Lazybones, features a large bone lying in a hammock.
Was he a class actor or a lucky lazybones who never rehearsed?
With 187 wins from 898 rides, Fallon probably reckons it's been a busy and successful season, while lazybones Dettori has only had 536 rides, and a mere 121 winners.
If the lazybones among us spent even a small fraction of their time helping others, think how much better the world would be.
Come, come lazybones, have you neglected your studies in local geology?
Whether you're a livewire or a lazybones, visiting for the activities or relaxation, Stapleford Park will cater to your every whim.
If you wanted a lazybones or a man whose only focus was on you, you shouldn't have encouraged him to be so industrious.
And pregnant Denise is still a lazybones, asking her parents to look after Little David for the weekend so she can catch up on Trisha.
While his earlier novels such as Sleepyhead, Lazybones and Lifeless were largely promising, they were far from brilliantly written.
Pocket-money earners like washing the car and babysitting particularly hit maths and science results - while the youngster pushing a lawn mower will do worse at school than the lazybones in the deckchair watching him work up a sweat.