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Synonyms for lazybones

Synonyms for lazybones

a self-indulgent person who spends time avoiding work or other useful activity

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Performers: Saturday: Kaddisfly, Portland; Sprockets, Boise; Paper or Plastic, Portland; Adrian Bourgeois, San Francisco; A Blinding Silence, Portland; ISSA, Eugene; CharacterFlaw, Spokane; Big Dirt, Seattle; March into Paris, Sacramento; Katelyn Berreth, Seattle; Amor Loco, San Francisco; Lazybones, Seattle; Dinci Va, Los Angeles; Mercury Blue, Seattle.
The boots of lazybones Britons are certainly not made for walking, according to statistics out today.
Poor Cyril Strub certainly had his work cut out with the 58-year-old lazybones, a self-confessed stranger to the kitchen.
LIKE lazybones Bridget, most of us only turn to exercise when we feel we need to lose weight.
It isn't just retirement which has made a lazybones of Cassie, whose racing name was Snappy Lady, and Bonnie, aka Many Promises.
Fox), an attorney who hogs the bed and snores and allows her lazybones younger brother Matthew (Alimi Ballard) to live with and mooch off of them.
We have become a nation of lazybones, particularly evident at election time.
8 Knocked Up SETH ROGEN stars in the best rom-com of the year as lazybones Ben Stone who discovers a one-night stand can lead to a shock delivery nine months later.
Thankfully it's a good one, a 16th Century sprawling coach house serving hearty carb-heavy grub for runners, lighter scoff such as my yummy chick pea fritters for lazybones - and all for about pounds 12 each with drinks (www.
He covered Paul Simon's One Trick Pony and the Hoagy Carmi-chael classic Lazybones - the latter with Sam in perfect harmony.
Perhaps you know someone you'd like to nominate as the biggest lazybones you know.
Was he a class actor or a lucky lazybones who never rehearsed?
With 187 wins from 898 rides, Fallon probably reckons it's been a busy and successful season, while lazybones Dettori has only had 536 rides, and a mere 121 winners.
Perhaps Marie puts up with her lazybones bloke because he's a bit of a charmer with a secret romantic side.