lazy Susan

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a revolving tray placed on a dining table


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Marble and wood cheeseboard, PS40, Lazy Susan, PS70, Oliver Bonas Marble effect set of 3 canisters, PS9, JD Williams Potted plants are perfect for lifting a plain-looking room Blue marble effect plant pot, medium PS39.
Lazy Susan, |by Mark Thurgood, Thurgood Hobson Design, UK (above) and (left) Alien Drum Sensorium, by Alasdair Tooze.
His solution uses a 13-inch-diameter Lazy Susan bearing in azimuth, and aluminum semi-circle plates riding on cam-follower bearings for the altitude.
A lazy Susan is great for sharesies in your local Chinese but not essential for home dining.
In addition to the beautiful kitchen, walking into your home in Riverside you'll find a brand new washer and dryer, extra counter space added, and a lazy Susan.
We like the deep dish serving bowls and the lazy Susan - perfect for Friday night takeaways.
In my view, Amazon has become a search version of a Lazy Susan.
The Lazy Susan utensil set is perfect for new homes and budding chefs.
Hardware components we found useful were a laptop with a built in camera, a colour printer, a cable to link the laptop to a large screen TV and a Lazy Susan.
This liquored-up Lazy Susan can support up to four full-sized bottles of your favorite spirits.
Maximum, a supplier of Lazy Susan bearings, introduces its new Sure Stop Lazy Susan Bearing with Detent, which brings a Lazy Susan into the door-close position without the need for manual adjustment or positioning, says the company.
Hand Crafted Wood Lazy Susan, Napkin Holder, and small cheese cutting board.
Instead, store them on an attractive lazy Susan on the counter next to your stove.