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visual impairment without apparent organic pathology

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Unfortunately, getting kids to comply with lazy eye treatments like eye patches or medicated drops remains a significant challenge for both ophthalmologists and parents alike.
Rokers expects that a better understanding of the way images are processed will help with ongoing research into disorders like lazy eye.
Doctors can successfully treat children with lazy eye before they reach the age of 7, said Vaughan, who has advocated for mandatory preschool vision screenings since 2003.
As a comparison, a second group of nine volunteers with amblyopia wore similar goggles, but with their good eye covered, they watched the game through their lazy eye only.
Amblyopia - lazy eye - affects around 4% of the population.
Conditions like a lazy eye are easier to treat if found at an early age.
Summary: Lazy eye or amblyopia is often responsible for reduced vision in children.
This is because if that eye is covered up for long periods of time, the brain will cease to recognise the signals causing a lazy eye.
htm) Weird Photos of Kate Middleton in Canada: Lazy Eye, Bunny Teeth [PHOTOS]
Summary: A split tongue and a lazy eye may sound like some sort of ailment but for sorcerers in Morocco such attributes are a sign someone possesses supernatural skills that allow them to contact the spirit
An innovative set of eye exercises enables people with amblyopia, or lazy eye, to improve their vision, researchers report.
The Patch" is children's author Justina Headley's 32-page picturebook story about Becca, a little girl who must deal with a condition known as Amblyopia or 'lazy eye', and whose eye doctor prescribes new glasses and the wearing of an eye patch over her good eye to help her lazy eye grow stronger.
Only a few months earlier, Mays had pushed her pediatrician to take a second, closer look at her own baby daughter's lazy eye.
The suspect, who has a lazy eye and distinctive mark on his chin, is still on the run from police after his double strike on Thursday.
As the sun came up, Pig opened one lazy eye and looked around.