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Synonyms for lazily

in an idle manner


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That's what I allus said, gentlemen," lazily remarked Whiskey Dick, a few weeks later, leaning back against the bar, with his glass in his hand.
When on the march, he always lagged behind the rest, leaving to them the task of breaking a way through all difficulties and impediments, and leisurely and lazily jogging along the track, which they had beaten through the snow.
Not expecting to come on the enemy down by the stream, and having stumbled on him in the fog, hearing no encouraging word from their commanders, and with a consciousness of being too late spreading through the ranks, and above all being unable to see anything in front or around them in the thick fog, the Russians exchanged shots with the enemy lazily and advanced and again halted, receiving no timely orders from the officers or adjutants who wandered about in the fog in those unknown surroundings unable to find their own regiments.
The Ghost was going very slowly, and when her stern lifted on a wave and she slipped forward she pulled the wretch to the surface and gave him a moment in which to breathe; but between each lift the stern fell, and while the bow lazily climbed the next wave the line slacked and he sank beneath.
You are so very irreligious, so exceedingly undutiful, so horribly profane,' rejoined his father, turning his face lazily towards him, and cracking another nut, 'that I positively must interrupt you here.
34bn as investors lazily dabbled in low-priced third-tier stocks.
This third instalment of the movie franchise lazily bolts together themes from The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie to explore a strained father-son dynamic amid martial arts mayhem.
THE reliving of musical glories Filled the air with forgotten ribald parties, Drunken times and inspiration, Bitterness and brilliance, Cynicism and pride; We joined together in raucous celebration of times past, A generation or two had slipped by in the meantime Just like the Tyne had lazily dribbled But the young ones didn't know, notice or care As they sang and danced Twirling faux pirouettes and rocking hips; The interim epochs were encapsulated Wrapped in North Eastern love And set free in bubbles of sound That drifted away overhead on mandolin strings, On no pre-destined route Other than the breeze had in mind.
Monsoons may seem to be the perfect time to get drenched in the rain, sit lazily by the window or balcony and watch the rain fall or simply, to enjoy a hot cup of ginger tea.
His website put out a teaser a cover of "I Could Have Told You"a heartbreak-themed Jimmy van Heusen song that Frank Sinatra recorded in 1953played atop a video of a vinyl record lazily revolving in a turntable.
Smiling, O'Neill added: "Talented, brilliant, lazily talented or talented lazily.
I was so annoyed, because it was clear people had sat in their cars, eaten the food and then lazily left the rubbish on the car park tarmac.
Sure to be popular under his penalty but can race lazily and this looks a tougher assignment with With Hindsight and Indira, who are consistent, and Sir Pitt, two from two at the track, among his rivals.
Families gather today in warmth and love, and the season of graduations, weddings and summer preparations rolls out lazily before us.
orange as poppies keeping them lazily afloat, the black peace of weed