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Synonyms for lazy

Synonyms for lazy

resistant to exertion and activity

Synonyms for lazy

moving slowly and gently

Related Words

disinclined to work or exertion

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Our support of the Wynn Institute is personal to our family and right in line with the goals and purpose of our team," said Lazier Partners Racing co-owner, and Buddy's father, Bob Lazier.
Lazier draws the three thinkers together with a complex discussion about an issue that is important also for twenty-first-century academics who seek to integrate science and biblical theology, namely,
I think Susan's goal is to expose these students to an array of styles and disciplines and genres," says Lazier, who was mentored by Marshall during a recent residency at the Joyce in NYC.
Prior to joining Houlihan Lawrence, Bonifati worked at Coldwell Banker and Currier & Lazier.
Also present were 100-year old Gwen Lazier, who had made the historic ride in 1924, and the family of the late Allan Dempsey.
Making the day start later in the morning will only teach people to be even lazier.
Or for a lazier kind of day, have a relaxing massage or make use of our indoor heated leisure pool with its whirlpool and sauna.
Men have emerged as lazier than women when it comes to making their money work for them.
He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Katharine Lazier (McFarland), two sons, John H.
The household helpers have sex three or four times a week, significantly more than their lazier counterparts.
However, as people age, the builders become lazier, she says.
Does it have to do with Americans being lazier than their international counterparts?
SAN FRANCISCO -- Team 3G of the Indy Racing League, Jaques Lazier, Leilani Munter and LED lighting developer Novicomm announced a powerfully "green" alliance this week.
With our current, slightly lazier lifestyles not enough people actually go out there and give it a try.
They think fatter children won't have many friends and are meaner, sadder and lazier than skinnier kids.