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Synonyms for lazy

Synonyms for lazy

resistant to exertion and activity

Synonyms for lazy

moving slowly and gently

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disinclined to work or exertion

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Quest, Linda (2014) "Fear across the Disciplines edited by Jan Plamper and Benjamin Lazier," International Social Science Review: Vol.
Por otro lado, dada la importancia que se da al gnosticismo en el libro de Lazier --que, junto con el panteismo, es una de las dos herejias modernas que se consideran en el-- su decision de no tomar en cuenta a Voegelin resulta llamativa si se sigue la linea de pensamiento de Ranieri.
However, perhaps the most enduring memory of the race was her dustup with Jacque Lazier.
GOD INTERRUPTED: Heresy and the European Imagination between the World Wars by Benjamin Lazier.
For the lazier Arkansans, your Outtakes substitutes included, the Little Rock Marathon is a very long race that takes place in March and is sponsored by Little Rock Parks & Recreation.
I got lazier and my skateboard ended up in a closet.
In God Interrupted, Benjamin Lazier tracks the ensuing debates about the divine across confessions and disciplines.
MOST people arealways looking for a lazier way of exercising.
com IROBOT ROOMBA 560 These helpful little robot Roomba vacuum cleaners have been kicking around for a while now, but the 560, a third-generation flagship model, boasts bigger wheels and better suspension, and it picks up more dirt than the lazier, older Roombas.
He courted controversy last week by declaring fat people are lazier than their thinner colleagues, saying: "Somebody who hasn't looked after themselves won't train their brain and won't train their body.
Prior to joining Houlihan Lawrence, she worked at Coldwell Banker and Currier and Lazier.
The are lazier than the English and Northerners and cling to an easily offended sense of honor, naturally linked to 'a propensity to violence.
Labor Day is coming, so summer camps are dosing and bees are flying in lazier circles on cooler air.
Fred: I think [students] should learn about it, but they also shouldn't cuz we're seeming to get lazier.