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a person afflicted with leprosy

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Burton Lazars had been the medieval headquarters of the Order in England, hence our interest in the place.
(44) He was leasing Carpenter's Yard and the surrounding buildings from the lepers' hospital of Burton Lazars, Leicestershire, a religious house, which the crown seized right around the time we are discussing, certainly by 1544.
To recognize a Lazars taxon, moreover, scientists must identify its modern representative, and such discoveries may depend greatly on serendipity.
Location: The Old School, New Road, Burton Lazars, Leicestershire.
'Tis on this account that I am weary with drawing the deformities of Life, and Lazars of the People, where every figure of imperfection more resembles me than it can do others.
Hence, for example, a letter from Goldman to Rabbi Ephraim Frisch of San Antonio informing him of the Lazars' move there later the same year.
L'Etang Bleu can set the ball rolling by taking the Burton Lazars Conditional Jockeys' Selling Handicap Hurdle.
The collision happened on the A606 at Burton Lazars, a road used regularly by drivers from the Nuneaton area, at around 1pm on Tuesday.