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Synonyms for lazarette

hospital for persons with infectious diseases (especially leprosy)

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But at the doorless entrance to the lazarette aft, he threw caution to the winds and darted in in pursuit of the new scent that came to his nostrils.
It was late afternoon, after discovering the girl in the lazarette, when Jerry again came on deck.
What did effectually withstrain him was the knowledge of the act which in the lazarette he had already determined to perform that afternoon down in the main hold where the water-casks were stored.
The lazarette, where such delicacies were stored, was situated beneath the cabin floor.
The deck being blown up, it had fallen down into the lazarette of course.
Each ama houses a lazarette with fold-down swim platform aft, which offers the perfect spot for water sports fun or simply a place to store water toys.