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hospital for persons with infectious diseases (especially leprosy)

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A la fin,Mouton et Royal finiront tous deux a Lazarette,Mouton habille de la robe et Royal attache en permanence a son lit.
For instance, we learn of the 'last of the public storytellers', Lazarette Gaudet, who was a totally illiterate carpenter, fisher and basket-maker, with a phenomenal memory; and the insomniac songmaker, Leah Maddix, who 'could read and write but .
Behind this (below the aft cockpit deck) is a generous lazarette equipped with a transom door that easily swallows a dinghy and plenty of toys for lazy days on the water.
Des mesures particulierement draconiennes sont ainsi prises pour proteger les corps sains contre les virus--les contamines sont transportes par les SS (services sanitaires) sillonnant la ville a Lazarette, le centre barricade de la Cite, ou on leur insere une puce electronique qui permettra de les reperer, au cas ou ils s'aviseraient de ne pas y finir leurs jours.
The large step-down lazarette has removable flooring that gives quick access to the quadrant and dual autopilots where linkages and fittings are all very sturdily built.
Some of today's larger cruising yachts are designed with an aft tender garage, which can be an excellent solution for storing the tender off deck, freeing up valuable deck or lazarette space, and for ease of deployment and retrieval of your tender at sea level.
The standard layout has a double fore berth with another aft while the bathroom is portside, ahead of the large lazarette.