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someone who is not a clergyman or a professional person

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In Churchill Falls, a giant hydroelectric plant means there is "100 per cent employment" in town, said layperson Michele Holmes.
Though this is a scholarly work, Gaines did not target a purely scholarly audience, and as a result it can be enjoyed by layperson or historian alike.
Its familiar wording at the beginning of the second paragraph -- "if necessity requires it" -- clearly indicates that the laity's gifts are useful only when there is need, not because the layperson feels called, has spent time in discernment and has shown evidence of a demonstrated charism.
A layperson is not likely to necessarily find value in an obscure plant,'' he said.
Among other things, formulary decisions are made by Premera's Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T), an independent panel comprised of outside pharmacists, clinicians and one layperson.
While Catholics are accustomed to seeing priests and deacons in colored robes of green, purple, and red, the sight of a layperson in simple white can be bit of a shock.
Bishop Atagotaaluk named Ron McLean, a layperson and captain in the Church Army, as interim dean.
It's only the layperson who faces such perils as layoffs, livelihood-threatening workplace competition, spousal indifference, offspring ingratitude and unforgiving creditors; and God forbid he or she should turn to non-procreating sex for momentary relief from pressures few priests can imagine.
Our intention was to write it for the layperson, someone who is interested in history, true crime and public speaking.
For the layperson, it makes a lot of sense," says LaCourse.
Q: One thing I've always wanted to do in the church but could not because I'm a layperson is .
However, he said, the subtleties are hardly noticeable to the layperson and the fish is still largely considered a golden.
Louis University, where he was the first layperson and youngest professor ever to serve as chairperson of the Department of Theological Studies.
It doesn't matter that a layperson might be more qualified.
A layperson has asked Anglicans in his diocese to contribute their loose $2 coins each week or month to the collection plate and the diocese hopes to present a cheque from the proceeds of the collection to Mr.