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a brief stay in the course of a journey

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An option with 14 stands and five layover bays would need the footprint of other buildings moved.
With respect to layover pay, the company is increasing driver compensation from $60 to $75 per day.
A look at five of the best airports across the world for a layover.
The addition of the layover station in Westminster, he said, was integral to increasing service with more desirable ride times and reducing congestion on Route 2.
During his layover, police say he committed a minimum of 11 felony crimes and uncounted misdemeanors, including shooting up a restaurant and setting it on fire, busting into a law firm's office where he relieved himself on an attorney's desk, sticking up a cabdriver and stealing his cab, sneaking through a number of hotel rooms looking for easily transported loot, robbing four guys in a bar, carjacking and more.
NHI Inc specialises in complimentary airline accommodation programmes which include passenger distress operations, airline employee management and crew layover and ancillary accounting services.
Novotel, a four-star hotel under ACCOR of France, is partnering with China Airlines to run a layover hotel near the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, which will open Nov.
OMSI provides narration during the 2 1/2 -hour round trip from Hood River, which includes activities on geology, agriculture and fun in the park during a layover in Odell.
Trujillo, Phelps, and Reyes penetrated South Beach, FL during a 15-minute layover at Miami International, only to emerge three long days later all wiser and financially lighter.
David Carruthers, CEO of the online bookmaker BetOnSports, discovered the significance of that difference during a July layover at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, where he was arrested for helping Americans gamble.
30, to sign off all responsibility or to pay layover charges until the courts settle the matter.
My girlfriend went on vacation, remained incommunicado for a week, then phoned during a layover at a Midwestern airport and unceremoniously dumped me.
After over 10 hours of layover, the crew used heaters to warm the plane's interior and engines for flight.
After a short layover, I crankily board the flight for Sweet Home Chicago.