lay up

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disable or confine, as with an illness

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For as long as CCN has been in business there has been a desire to do its own veneer lay ups instead of outsourcing.
The influential Alex Maudsley's fifth foul caused disruption among the Stars' ranks and a last second lay up saw the visitors tie the game 60-60.
The game started with new captain Damian Warriner converting a fast break lay up and within seconds Lions were 5-0 up after Ryon Dixon hit a trademark three-pointer.
Sefton brought an extremely fast paced and aggressive approach to the game, both in offence and defence, Walsh again converting a further two lay ups but it was fouls causing Sefton problems conceding six in the first quarter and all being converted.
It was tense and close as Vicky Mcgachie and Sehar Hussain scored the last two lay ups to secure the win.