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in Christianity, members of a religious community that do not have the priestly responsibilities of ordained clergy

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One or two nuns are there at all times, with no help from lay people.
1 percent described lay people as their "partners," 35.
Most importantly, however, the history of the CPF illuminates the ways that the experience of protesting transformed Catholic lay people and their church.
He added: "Our lay people are the future of the Church especially in an age of dwindling numbers of priests.
The priest said: "There are a number of abuse victims in this parish, people who have been abused not by priests but by lay people.
For him, treating lay people as if they were able to embrace the scholastic, theoretical or reflexive mode of relating to the world is a case of "scholastic fallacy or illusion" (2000: 19, 256).
A number of older historians believed that it was widespread: lay people disliked the clergy, regarding them as arrogant and greedy, and welcomed reform and change.
To the extent that lay people wish to indulge in this, they are free to do so, misguided though they may be.
Four insurers have filed a civil lawsuit with the Supreme Court of the state of New York against a group of New York City physicians who allegedly sold the use of their names and medical licenses to chiropractors and lay people.
The advent of the PC increased the number of lay people and business people involved in technology more than any one single development in the history of our business.
Although many foresters and most lay people assume the big river's banks and islands were always covered with pure stands of silver maple, broken by only occasional cottonwoods and box elders, Porteck and Swenson disagree.
On the other hand, for Damian, lay people were second-rate citizens of the Church, with little possibility for salvation.
An international comparative perspective is taken for exploring how lay people are involved in the trial of criminal cases in European countries and how this impacts on their perspectives of the national legal systems.
In its first show of force under the Duterte administration, some 10,000 Catholic religious and lay people gathered to oppose the death penalty and the spate of extrajudicial killings.
Augustine has historically been awarded to clergy and lay people of foreign churches who have contributed conspicuously to advancing friendly relations with the churches of the Anglican Communion," Lambeth Palace said in a statement.