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The union said it would be fighting the lay offs and said that the company had misled it and was violating labour law.
In addition, the company will temporarily lay off 85 employees in Wireless Solutions Business and EB corporate functions.
If there is no contractual right for the employer to lay off the employee without pay, the employer has breached the contract and the employee can make a claim for unlawful deductions from wages.
Citigroup, Inc (NYSE: C) has announced that it is planning to lay off workers.
Separately, there are rumors that the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) plans to lay off 40 percent of its employees and to freeze a number of TV programs, in order to economize on costs, ASHARQ AL AWSAT said.
The survey, by the US-based Human Capital Institute of more than 300 global corporate executives, has produced advice on best and worst practice to lay off workers.
It is a lay off situation in order to control costs until such time we have been able to generate more sales.
Stanley's original management began to lay off blue-collar workers only after long and painful talks with the workers' union and civic leaders.
In 2003, the government announced plans to lay off 10% of its 3,000 workers as part of the IMF program.
Among them is The Dance Theater of Harlem, which was once forced to close the doors of its school and lay off its main company, and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, which ran up a $1.
In the event you do have to legitimately lay off employees, bring those individuals back into the fold as much as possible.
has been forced to lay off 300 of the 800 workers at its Thunder Bay Montreal Street plant, says a spokesperson with the company.