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Synonyms for laxness

the state or quality of being negligent

Synonyms for laxness

the quality of being lax and neglectful

the condition of being physiologically lax


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Mothers in the intervention group reported substantial improvement in their parenting skills as indicated by the mean difference in pre- and post-test scores for laxness and over-reactivity.
But it appears that such laxness puts us in a minority here.
The implicit inflation target codifies the bank's recent laxness about prices under former Governor Mervyn King: The BOE's preferred inflation measure, the 12-month increase in the Consumer Prices Index, has come in above the 2 percent target every month since November 2009.
zeroes in on Luther and others protesting against the laxness of the Catholic penitential system that in theory demanded repentance from sins but in practice required little in the way of changed behavior before absolution was pronounced.
He added: "There was clear negligence and laxness by those in charge of this prison.
Speaking of the general situation in the country, namely the tension, strikes, sit-ins and laxness in addressing some issues (Revolution martyrs and wounded, corruption.
Erdogan reportedly is to discuss with Saudi leadership their next courses of action at the United Nations in light of the Syrian regime's laxness in withdrawing their forces from cities, Turkish sources said.
Rapley's point is that the Church, through its ups and downs, corruption and reform, came to depend on the various orders, even if those same orders often fell into laxness and corruption as well.
After decades of laxness, the states have agreed to get their public finances back in order, which is synonymous with years of discipline and austerity.
Forget Luiz' laxness, the quality of Ciaran Clark's pass for Petrov's 83rd-minute strike was simply sublime and the captain stylishly swept home the shot for his fourth goal of the season.
Prior to his death, Mahfouz was the oldest living Nobel Literature laureate and the third oldest laureate of all time, coming after only British philosopher Bertrand Russell and Icelandic writer HalldEr Laxness.
yen] Iceland has one Nobel Laureate, Halldor Laxness, who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1955.
In what way does laxness of one's own finances (as Um Khaled calls it) verge on criminality?
There is a difference, in other words, between formal laxness and informal laxness.
But it could also let in a bit of laxness and those who have followed RPSPORTS's James Milton, backing Sri Lanka to win the trophy, do not need to get involved again.