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in a permissively lenient manner


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indica--relatively tall, laxly branched, narrow leaflets, with provenance from India.
The servant does her job tardily and laxly, which suggests her resistance; North notices, for instance, that "the girl made a clatter laying the table with the knives and forks she held in a bunch" (315).
It seems that there was some distinction between hortatory material from the gussets and practical material, a distinction reflected in later practices when "improving" hadith were much more laxly tested than legal or doctrinal hadith.
In fact, requirements about women covering their hair that didn't exist or were laxly enforced were made much more stringent at "the turn of the twentieth" century (185).
5-2 mm, narrowly triangular, dark castaneous, straight to retrorse-uncinate, 4-8 mm apart, margins toward the apex laxly spinose, spines triangular, prevailing retrorse-uncinate, 1-2 x 1 mm, 7-15 mm apart.
The corresponding probability weight can be rendered as the sum of the perceived gain and loss probabilities, laxly put as [P.
12) Second, they sought to avoid any repeat of the colonial practice in which crown authorities had resorted to laxly issued writs of assistance to help justify their customs searches.
Senegal's currency control and reporting requirements are not uniform and are reportedly laxly enforced.
It was" only laxly enforced, so in 1971 Congress passed the Wild FreeRoaming Horses and Burros Act, which mandated that the US Department of Interior protect the mustangs "from capture, branding, harassment, or death" and designated them as "living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West.
and policy guidance to officers, or disciplines laxly those who violate
It makes me wonder whether many people are merely envious of them to be in such a position that they can set up a system for themselves, monitored laxly and with plenty of loopholes for them to exploit.
There are laws in place calling for people to leash and otherwise exercise control over their dogs in public, but they are too frequently ignored and laxly enforced.
The word in the forms taka (see tucka) and tanga (for these are apparently identical in origin) is, "in all dialects, laxly used for money in general" (Wilson).
Aa However, the banning of Kach has been laxly enforced.
In the early years of the quota laws, European alien smuggling into the United States appears to have been fairly casual, a matter of immigrants taking the initiative to sneak over laxly guarded Canadian or Mexican borders by foot, car, train, or boat.