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in a permissively lenient manner


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It makes me wonder whether many people are merely envious of them to be in such a position that they can set up a system for themselves, monitored laxly and with plenty of loopholes for them to exploit.
There are laws in place calling for people to leash and otherwise exercise control over their dogs in public, but they are too frequently ignored and laxly enforced.
Aa However, the banning of Kach has been laxly enforced.
Capitulescences monocephalous or few at the end of the branches, or laxly to densely corymbose, racemose to paniculate, rarely glomerulose or pseudocephalia.
In the early years of the quota laws, European alien smuggling into the United States appears to have been fairly casual, a matter of immigrants taking the initiative to sneak over laxly guarded Canadian or Mexican borders by foot, car, train, or boat.
We're all looking forward to it,' said Samar Fatany, a columnist and radio presenter in nearby Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's most liberal city where segregation rules are laxly enforced.
The idea is that laws are written strictly but are generally enforced laxly.
The alcohol laws are either too lax or too laxly enforced and it is just wrong that youngsters as young as 11 are drinking alcohol in the street without the intervention of adults.
We and he no doubt often laxly confuse the questions.
The "other instruments"--alas, their velocities are so different, one "note-value" contradicts another, so the "rhythmic displacement" buries the melody, we laxly keep on doing what we do, improvising, aha, hoping that a spontaneous note or two will be played, but by the time we have worked one rhythm toward some conclusion, there is no unison anywhere, only routine, battered by chance, only bits and pieces, loss, lacerations, even the memories lacerate.
And airport rules regarding airplanes and hangars - once laxly enforced - are now crimping the style of a fraternity of free spirits.
THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SEEKS to improve controls in laxly regulated jurisdictions where money launderers base their operations.
Four other states forbid giving free drinks to intoxicated customers, but in three of them, even that indulgent rule is laxly enforced with slap-on-the-wrist penalties.