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In addition, lobbyist-funded travel for lawmakers and their staffs should be banned.
The rising cost of a college education is another factor that makes the public and lawmakers hesitant about investing more in higher education opportunity.
Idaho lawmakers have proposed banning them from all county health services, unless the county agrees to deport patients once they are well, and pay the deportation bill.
Much of the outcry from liberal lawmakers has centered on the proposed 28 percent cut in education, but this cut merely reflects a scaling back of the staggering 59 percent increase Bush added to education spending during the past four years.
Some lawmakers have criticized the arrangement, saying steps must be taken to make sure terrorists could not get weapons into U.
The following are examples of what our profession, the IRS, FTB and lawmakers are doing toward that end.
Given the heated emotions on both sides, no one should be shocked that high-profile national lawmakers who have fought against the marriage amendment have not also supported same-sex marriage publicly, such as presumed Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and U.
the House Majority Leader, says the practice began escalating during the Clinton presidency, when Republican lawmakers decided they had "the right to direct spending to our districts, rather than wait on some bureaucrat to decide whether it was a useful project or not.
One useful way of thinking about this is to recognize that state lawmakers are obeying Parkinson's laws.
It is vital that state lawmakers understand how important it is for the federal government to adequately fund veterans health care and other services provided through the VA," said DAV National Legislative Director Joseph A.
Lawmakers at the state level are also pressuring their federal peers, with the National Governors Association and the National Association of State Budget Officers pointing out in a November report that states are in the most challenging fiscal environment since World War II.
28) And yet, when lawmakers finally did act on the issue they did so not because they accepted that such legislation was desperately needed, but because they were shamed into it by foreign press coverage of Ireland's heretofore informal and unregulated adoption practice.
Unlike other urban districts nationwide, New York City's public school spending falls just below the state average (New York City spent $9,623 per pupil in 1998-99, versus a state average of $10,317), Frustrated with unsuccessful appeals to lawmakers for increased resources, school finance advocates, joined by 14 of New York City's 32 school districts and numerous New York City public school students and their parents, turned to the courts.
Take what appears to be a totally misunderstood product -- commercial fertilizer -- and help consumers and lawmakers better understand what it does.
At least not until 1998, after lawmakers have seen how the Clintons' backdoor scheme for nationalizing U.