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in an illegal manner

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'It is an alarming situation that how lawlessly unarmed civilians were killed in broad daylight by Punjab police on the main highway in front of dozens of citizens,' he remarked.
Lone warned: "Those wanting more forceful action to correct the rigged election and state killings will be even more enraged, and Jubilee supporters will now want Uhuru to clamp down even more forcefully and lawlessly than he has.
Keeping a lawlessly brutal and corrupt Assad regime out of the liberated areas is, like it or not, an essential element of post-combat stabilization: No one in eastern Syria will want the fake caliph replaced by another mass murderer; one with disgusting addictions to chemical weaponry and torture.
license to act lawlessly. Due process demands that there be some
The Court also said that mandatory death penalties could exacerbate the problem of arbitrary and capricious determinations of who lives and who dies "by resting the penalty determination on the particular jury's willingness to act lawlessly." Id.
This also reminded me of some tips I wanted to share about dealing with state charity regulators who act unreasonably and even lawlessly. These tips hopefully provide charities a better understanding of what they might want from their lawyers when dealing with any investigations, but especially those conducted lawlessly by regulators.
The United States will not sit idly by as a rogue regime lawlessly pursues those who have made the life-or-death choice to run to freedom.
With its accompanying and lawlessly recorded CD (12 tracks, 34 minutes) "Blue and Red Make Purple" is catchy, tuneful, playful, and totally endearing!
"Until immigration is reformed they will continue to be frustrated, but we cannot allow the president to lawlessly take the law into his own hands."
In addition, the legitimacy of the death penalty system as a whole--our interest "in making sure that the government does not act brutally and lawlessly" (247)--rests on this determination as well.
Prison officials in Canada are no longer permitted to lawlessly throw prisoners in "the hole".
Moreover, when the US government behaves lawlessly in the international scene and takes major foreign policy decisions overnight, the state executives, public servants, security agents and police officers follow the same path, that is disobedience to the rule of law.
And, in a firecely competitive world, their search for bigger profits causes some to behave recklessly and lawlessly.
They can add another dimension to an existing crisis if they operate lawlessly.