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According to law-makers there is concern that the agreement does not properly protect data privacy.
Law-makers and groups that support gay and lesbian rights "would then have control of the committees and move far more legislation," says Winnie Stachelberg, political director for the gay rights group Human Rights Campaign.
In addition, law-makers required the establishment of a process to ensure that nursing home inspection appeals are decided in a timelier manner and penalties that could affect patient care are adjudicated expeditiously.
Modern technology, like e-mail and video conferencing, is causing law-makers to closely re-review the ECPA's policies.
They overturned desks and fist fights broke out after Saakashvili ordered all pro-government law-makers to leave the building.
Prudish law-makers shouldn't interfere with adults who want to sunbathe in birthday suits without bothering anyone.
There has been a reluctance on the part of right-wing law-makers in Congress to curb right-wing extremists such as the militias.
Profiling or "mining" is also a hot topic of debate on Capitol Hill, where law-makers are debating if this practice is an infringement of customers rights.
ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has reserved a judgment on the maintainability of a petition seeking court intervention on the resignation issue of MQM law-makers.
A PETITION has been launched urging law-makers to give police dogs specific legal protection if they are attacked in the line of duty.
When are the law-makers going to do something about this?
It has led to disagreements even within the ruling Democratic party of Japan, with more than 50 law-makers opposed to the tax leaving the party.
GOAL-LINE technology looks certain to get the go-ahead from football's law-makers next week.
It is time for our law-makers to address travellers' behaviour.
Players will no longer be penalised for showing dissent towards referees by having free-kicks moved forward ten yards, after football's law-makers claimed the rule is not understood outside rugby-playing nations.